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Albemarle County in Virginia
by Rev. Edgar Woods
C.J.Carrier Company
Harrisonburg, Virginia 1978

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page 217
The family of Hardin occupied a position of some promience in the county at the beginning of the century. Its head was Isaac, who, after living on different places, finallly settled about 1785 on the plantation near Greenwood Depot, recently owned by Thomas C. Bowen. Here he resided until his death in 1820, at the age of eight-four. His wife was Elizabeth, daughter of William Brown, and his children Mary, the wife of Samuel B. Smith, whose sons removed to Tennessee, Benjamin, Elizabeth, the wife of Gideon Morgan, Sarah, the wife of Nathaniel Landcraft, Nelson, Isaac B., Lucinda, the wife of William Scott, Berry M., and John. About 1808 Nelson emigrated to Mississippi Territory, and Isaac to Tennessee. Berry M. died in 1826.
For many years, Benjamin was a conspicuous figure in the western part of the county. He bought in 1805 the brick house about a mile west of Ivy Depot, which was at first the nucleus, and soon the whole, of the town of Morgantown. Here he kept a tavarn having the name of Albemarle Hotel until 1826. From time to time he bought up a few lots of the projected town, as their owners endeavored to realize a return from their investment; but as they lay unmarked amidst the trees and bushes of the forest, it is surmised the great mass of them quietly lapsed in his hands, totally forgotten by those who held the title. Hardin was a fancier of fine horses, and kept a number of racers. It is likely the temptations connected with such pursuits involved him in undue expense, and led to a neglect of his proper business; at all events in 1827 all his property was sold under deeds of trust. He then removed to Nelson County. In January 1899, his son, Dr. Charles W. Hardin, died near Longwood, Rockbridge County, in the eighty-fifth year of his age.

page 367
Appendix. No. 4
Albemarle Soldiers of the Revolution
Privates (page 369)
William Hardin, killed at Ninety-Six

page 371
Privates in State Militia
George Hardin

page 386
Appendix. No. 8
Emigrants from Albemarle to Other States

page 391
Isaacc B. Hardin, Maury Co.

page 394
Nelson Hardin


page 400
Isaac Hardin

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Berry M. Hardin

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