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Pendleton District, S. C., Deeds, 1790 to 1806, Joseph Hardin

Posted by Patricia Freeman Hardin, pfhardin@carolina.rr.com

From “Pendleton District, S. C., Deeds, 1790 to 1806” by Betty Willie. 2000.

Deed from Alexander Eden to George Hutson, 19 Jan. 1788, both of 96 District, for 25 pds, for 147 acres granted Jan. 1, 1787, by Wm Moultrie on both sides of Carrock's creek, waters of Saluda River.
Signed Alexander (his mark) Molly Edens.
Wit: William Blyth, Joseph Hardin.
Joseph Hardin made oath to Gabriel Moffett, J. P. 24 Aug., 1793-----

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